Abortion Sanctuary

3 Practices to Restore Resilience

If you are looking for a way to navigate back to an empowered sense of yourself, Abortion Sanctuary provides a gentle, expansive and proven approach. Abortion Sanctuary’s 3 Practices e-workbook supports women who have had abortions engage practices that nurture resiliency. Abortion often leaves a woman disoriented, vulnerable and isolated. The practices offered here help you to settle your nervous system. They will show you how to orient in potentially overwhelming situations so that you will be able to focus on the way forward. They will help you name no-win situations while engaging appropriate layers of support. They are intimately personal, and will help you beneficially shift how you are able to meet the world.

Abortion Sanctuary, Practices to Restore Resilience Workbook provides:

  • 5 steps to becoming well resourced.
  • The link between your birth and how you navigate change in your life.
  • The myth around abortion and judgement.
  • Discover 16 influences that shaped you before you were born.

My intention is to guide you to develop an appreciation for the benefits of being loving, mindful and nurturing to yourself around the transformational experience(s) of abortion. While some of the practices seem simple upon first glance, over time they will have a profound influence on improving the quality of your experiences. 75 pages. $18.99.

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Just wanted to let you know that I started reading your book and I absolutely love it! Pages 4-5 “My Story” feels like you are writing about me. Thank you for sharing your story! …I feel/felt frozen inside since abortion, numb to pain and happiness…Thank you for sharing your beautiful book!

L.N., Alexandria, VA

This approach has been so needed, and Angela has done an amazing job capturing the essence of this situation in a very insightful and helpful way. A must for anyone who works with women and families.

~ Myrna Martin, RN, MN, RCC, RCST

Angela Ferri captures the essence of working through the potential turmoil of abortion in a way that transforms the energy of struggle into new vitality for your life. Her insightful writing, thoughtful exercises and clear information make this book a precious treasure of support to embody and savor over time. I highly recommend it!

~ Barbara Hess Kovaz, PhD