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Abortion Sanctuary is a non-religious, safe space to explore the circumstances around abortion.
It is helpful for women who have chosen abortion, are still pro-choice,
but did experience challenging feelings and experiences before, during and/or afterward.

I am in the process of developing an online course that helps women heal shame and develop resilience.

Read below for a summary of the content that will be covered.

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Abortion Sanctuary is a non-religious program designed to offer support for women who have chosen to have abortions. The program has been created for women to gain clarity around the factors that have affected their lives thus far. It offers nurturing self-care tools; mentors the process of recovering deep inner truths, and builds a foundation for safe community and authentic, empowered being.

The following is a summary of the tools we will be using as we move through this process. It is useful to have an understanding of why each is important before we begin:

  • Resourcing: Identify what you feel fed by, in a deep way, so that you will build resiliency for any challenge you face.
  • The Form:Follow a proven structure that build safety and trust.
  • The Principles: Learn skills to help you navigate interactions with others, so that you feel safe, seen and are able to build trust.
  • Sequencing: Learn to orient to where you are in a process, so that you can diffuse feelings of overwhelm and confusion.
  • Inner Work: Learn to use your dreams and journaling, to find your deep inner truth to help you orient to the path forward.

Small Group Webinars and more. Group forming.

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A safe, private online community where you can process your abortion and life experiences.

Be nurtured, guided and mentored for self-empowerment & resilience.

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