Julie Aha, MA, LMT, RCST®, RYT, has taught yoga for over 13 years, emphasizing alignment, breathing, meditation skills, and deep relaxation. She has practiced massage therapy for nearly 20 years, to which she adds biodynamic craniosacral therapy and polarity therapy.

It is her passion to help people release deeply held patterns of physical and mental discomfort and tension, and to restore natural wellness. To understand better where stress and tension originates from, Julie studied with Ray Castellino and Myrna Martin, and she uses their pre-and perinatal approach in her work with individuals, groups, and families.

She assists people in becoming aware of imprinting that occurred in early life, and to re-pattern how those experiences linger in the nervous system. She integrates a practical understanding of attachment & bonding, current brain science relating to growth and development (neuorscience and epigenetics), and strategies for learning emotional regulation and for healing trauma.

She has also studied with Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, MD; Bruce Berger, RPP; Charmaine Lee, RPP; Jenny Otto, RYT; and Lynn Matthews, RYT. Always seeking to understand the big picture, Julie earned her M.A. in Urban Planning from UCLA in 1987, and has studied meditation extensively.

She teaches at Sage Continuing Education in Lancaster, PA, and frequently lectures about stress-reduction techniques and compassionate communication skills at community colleges, localnon-profits, and wellness conferences.

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