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The mission of the Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights is to promote the best interests of unaccompanied immigrant children with due regard for the child’s expressed wishes, according to state and federal law, and the Convention on the Rights of the child.

Pregnancy through Parenting

Prenatal & Post Partum
Massage & Education

Prenatal massage during the childbearing year helps relieve tension, reduce stress and helps ready mom’s body for labor.

Postpartum massage is especially beneficial in helping relieve tension from birth, reduce stress, increase a sense of security and well-being, and settle women into their new role as mother.

Craniosacral Therapy

Bidynamic Craniosacral Therapy* provides gentle manual therapy, deep listening to both infant and parents.

Sessions support resolution in infants of cholic, breastfeeding challenges, torticolis, hyper or hypotonic muscle tone, difficulty settling & more.

Toddlers and children are helped to settle, overcome effects of injuries & surgeries that they may have experienced. Children of any age benefit through the support received during these sessions. 


Circumstances around conception, gestation, brith and the perinatal period sometimes can be challenging.

Sessions offer gentle manual therapy, deep listening, while educating parents about any trauma mom, baby/child or the family may have experienced.

The sessions support transforming any residual effects that may be lingering in the families experience. 

Staying Centered in
Chaotic Times 

You’ll be part of a small group of three to five members. Exploration of exercises to build inner and interpersonal resources over a  three month period will be our focus. We’ll create a safe and nurturing environment, while learning through interactive, empathetic and contact principles. Participants will be nurtured to actively support each other throughout the workshop.

Each person’s turn is followed by guided sharing of group members, integration and discussion. 

Are you looking for prenatal, postpartum, infant/child or family care?

As a Master bodyworker, integrative health practitioner, reproductive & digestive health specialist, I have supported women’s health, & their families prenatally since 2001, and have provided craniosacral therapy for infants & children since 2009. I also offer family sessions to facilitate healing of challenging dynamics that present after overwhelming events.

I help people of all ages who have experienced surgeries, accidents, difficult births or trauma, who have  reproductive, digestive, musculoskeletal challenges, and/or an activated nervous system, creating difficulties interpersonally.

It’s important to me that you feel safe here, so feel free to explore the site and ask me any questions you have.​

These sessions provide accomplished technical skills, compassionate listening and communication skills, respect for the uniqueness of each individual and their life circumstances, ability to teach and support movement towards self-care, and commitment to ongoing learning. The nurturing environment I provide is conducive to entering deep healing states.

I honor intersectionality, and strive for greater understanding.  I employ sustainable practices. The physical environment I provide is tended to with natural, organic products. Insurance billing codes provided upon request. 

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