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Recommending my work with children & babies

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H., J. & A. W

Arlington, VA

Thank you so much for the helpful information that you sent! We are so thankful we avoided an induction and could do a natural childbirth!


Charlottesville, VA

Motherhood is everything I ever wanted and so much more. Thank you for helping make my dreams come true.

Liz Hagerman

Takoma Park, MD

Thank you for your healing listening, therapeutic space, and healing touch. You are truly and healer, and one I will recommend.

Ashley T.

Germantown, MD

I returned to Angela… after having my daughter … I continue to remain ‘hospital free’, and my OB/GYN and specialist now say I don’t need a hysterectomy because the tumor has not progressed any further in growth … This is just a small part of what the massage time with Angela means to my family and me.
We are truly thankful for her compassionate, caring and healing hands. You have the power to heal yourself from within, but sometimes you need someone else’s hands to guide you in the right direction.


Reston, VA

Your visit last week really helped… and me, too! Last week ended up being incredibly stressful, and I can’t imagine how we would have fared without your calming influence.


Riverdale, MD

Well, whatever you did… was amazing: she was in a fabulous mood all day and LAUGHED FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!


Reston, VA

Your visit seems to have done…a lot of good! We’ve had several very successful breastfeeding sessions, which is a lot more than I was able to say just a few days ago!

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