Due to the overwhelming media exposure and calls about the Swine Flu here is a list of products that recommended for those who are looking for a “Swine Flu Kit”.

New Chapter, Immunity Take Care Lozenges: Immunity Take Care, with the exclusive extract, ViraBloc, is the first all-herbal, natural therapeutic that acts to block viruses from entering human cells therefore preventing them from replicating.

14 lozenges = $14.00 30 lozenges = $27.60

New Chapter Host Defense has been shown to increase human Natural Killer (NK) Cell activity by up to 300%. The immune-enhancing power of Host Defense comes from two sources: the unsurpassed quality of the New Chapter Activated Organic Mushrooms and the proprietary combination of species. Each of the New Chapter Activated Organic Mushrooms species has, on its own, an ability to support human immune functioning, but the combination of these 17 mushroom sources creates synergies, waves of reinforcement, that bathe us in immune support.

60 soft gels = $28.00

Oscillococcinum: As soon as you start feeling run-down or have other flu-like symptoms, take Oscillococcinum. Oscillo® is regulated as a drug by the FDA and is supported by published clinical studies as well as more than 65 years of use throughout the world.
* Clinical studies show that Oscillo reduces the severity and duration of flu symptoms
* Great taste and convenient to take
* No side effects or interactions with other medications
* Good for everyone 2 years of age and older

12 dose Bonus Pack = $19.00

From Washington Homeopathics:
Influenzinum 08-09 9c: Influenzinum is the only homeopathic remedy that is made fresh every year – In fact, the manufacturer is required to make it fresh each year. The manufacturer buys the current vaccine for this year and makes that into Influenzinum. Then what doesn’t sell gets discarded. Influenzinum cannot be advertised as a preventative, but when the flu season hits you should start taking it if there are cases in your neighborhood. If you have a Repertory and a Materia Medica you can look up your exact symptoms and take that remedy – often in addition to the Influenzinum.

2 dram vial = $5.69*

4 dram vial = $7.29*