Persephone's Pelvis

Getting Real: A Mother's Day Story

Published by angela on April 29, 2022
During my divorce in the late '80's, I took a bad fall off of my bike and injured my left hip. I likely cracked the femur, and developed a dinner plate-sized nasty bruise, and, over time, an equal-sized inertial point of scar tissue in that area. The fall also caused micro-tears and "permanent" misalignments systemically. […]
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Tool to Manage Stress & Aches

Published by angela on May 21, 2020
Hope this finds you and yours well. Here we are entering our third month of physical distancing. A benefit of this situation is that it has given us time to ponder and explore many things we normally don't have time for. I promised a video to help you manage aches and anxieties at home; you'll […]
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Covid-19: Anxiety Support [Video]

Published by angela on May 21, 2020
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Commiting to Healing

Published by angela on March 6, 2020
Teamwork required The journey and process of healing will be empowering for you in the long run. You will begin to trust yourself more and more. Listening to and trusting your body will become second nature. Be patient and kind with yourself. During our sessions, I will inquire about how you are doing, implementing the […]
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Staying Healthy & Healing Illness In Winter

Published by angela on December 9, 2018
We've already had a lot of cold weather as we head into Winter. And the wind has been pretty penetrating. I've taken to calling it's effects "deranged vata"....sort of an acupuncture/ayurveda shorthand for having your groundedness blown away by the winds. We are mammals. Mammals slow down and sleep a lot more during the short, […]
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Bone Broth Recipe: Nourishment & Immunity

Published by angela on October 9, 2018
I hope you'll take a rainy weekend soon to cook this up for yourself.
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Are you overwhelmed by the process of restoring health?

Published by angela on July 31, 2017
Let’s see what the fairytale, Rumplestiltskin has to teach about this process: Damsel: Oh dear! I don’t know how to turn this room full of straw into gold! What ever shall I do??? Rumplestiltskin: Never fear! I know how to help you! But, I’ll need you to provide me something of value for my help. […]
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This is the way it works...

Published by angela on November 30, 2014
Earlier in the week the temperature reached seventy degrees. Cycling along the C&O Canal, the shadows of trees and saplings fell east across the tow-path. My tires bumped over a camouflaged black snake lying parallel to the shadows. Adrenaline pumping as my bike halted and prayers began for the wellbeing of the snake. It's head […]
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3 Tips to Stay Healthy in the Changing Season

Published by angela on October 13, 2014
Here are a few things to keep you healthy as we head into cooler and colder days: Keep NAC, Olive Leaf extract and Oregano oil in capsules on hand to nip colds in the bud. Lemon water is much better for you when your sick, than orange juice. The high sugar content of orange juice […]
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Spring 2014: Adrenal & Thyroid Health

Published by angela on April 29, 2014
At last!  Winter has softened into Spring!  Persephone, the Goddess who spends half the year in darkness with Hades, God of the underworld, has returned to us. Spring Beauties, Violets, Bluets and and Toothwort are blossoming on the forest floor, Welcome dear friends, our plant allies! You have been missed! What I have learned this […]
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