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Prenatal period, birthing, postpartum, & parenting resources.

Movement Laboratory (Body Mind Centering) –
Janet Lansbury –
Emmi Pikler –

Articles on Free Initiated Movement (Click On Article)
Baby Lead Play!
Baby, You Were Born To Play!
Babies On The Move!
Magic Happens On The Floor
Sitting Baby Up, The Downside
Tummy Time – Baby’s Way!
The Case Against Tummy Time
Baby Led Tummy Time
LIVE: Climbing Mountains With Magda Gerber
Another Great Article on Why Bumbo Chairs SUCK! –

Vision Care for Infants & Children
Infant See, FREE Eye Assessment for infants 6-12 months old! –
Vision & Conceptual Development Center –
NY TIMES Article –

Movement Therapy for Infants, Children & Adults
Adrienne Penebre, The Anat Baniel Method –
Elizabeth Hagerman –
The Feldenkrais Method –

Baby Wearing (SEE NOTE BELOW)
Bringing Home Baby –
Beltway Babywearers –
Boba –
The Baby Wearer –
Didymos –
Moby Wrap –
Ergo Baby –
Pax Baby –
NOTE: BEFORE YOU BUY A BABY CARRIER, BE SURE THAT YOUR CARRIER SUPPORTS YOUR BABY’S THIGHS FROM THE HIP TO THE KNEE. Ideally the knees are slightly higher than the hips for optimal join support. Also, it’s important to keep baby facing your body AND AVOID ALL OUTWARD FACING CARRIERS. Along with giving your baby something/someone to rest onto, this also keeps your baby less stimulated and more calm. IDEALLY CARRYING YOUR BABY (with good alignment) WILL OFFER A BETTER WORKOUT AND MOVEMENT FOR YOU AND YOUR BABY.

2The Root Eco Friendly Diaper Service (DC Local Business) –
Alyhas Alternatives (MD Local Business) –
Soft & Cozy Baby (Baltimore Local Business) –
Abby’s Lane (VA Local Business) –
Green Mountain Diapers –
Eco Babies –

Eco Friendly Disposable Diapers
The Honest Company –
Naty Diapers –
Earth’s Best –

Playthings – Stay clear of plastic and instead chose
Life Without Plastic –
Nova Natural Toys + Crafts –
Nature Shop Baby –
Make Baby Stuff –
Bella Luna –
Green Baby –
Waddle N Swaddle –

Cotton/Wool – Natural fibers are healthier for babies skin and let the body breathe!
Wee Woollies –
Sckoon –
Nordic Natural Clothing –
Flowering Child Organics –
Bambino Merino –
Merino Kids –
Hessnatur –
Danish Woolen Delight –
Kiya’s Naturals –

SHOES! These shoes give babies & toddlers the freedom to articulate their feet!
SoftStar –
Stonz –
Jack & Lily –
Vivobarefoot –
UnShoes –
BoBuxUSA – –

MUSIC (played in prenatal yoga class)
ReTurning – Jennifer Berezan
Raku – PC Davidoff & Friends (Meditative)
Sivasana – Wah! (Calm Chanting – Meditative)
Soul of The Esraj – Benji Wertheimer (Instrumental)
Crimson Collection Vol 6-7 – Sing Kaur-Robertson
Lullaby, A Collection – Various Artists
The Essence – Deva Premal (devotional chants)
One River – Benjy Wertheimer & John de Kadt (instrumental)

Orgasmic Birth
The Business of Being Born
Mama Sherpas
Birth As We Know It
Pregnant In America

Angela Ferri –
Pulling Down the Moon –
FloLiving –
Women To Women –
Dr. Christiane Northrop –
Dr. Claudia Welch –


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