Angela Ferri, MA, LMT, ATMAT*, RCST*, PE

My experience integrating the wisdom traditions of eclectic herbalism and many types of bodywork with healing developmental, ancestral and perinatal trauma is an uncommon skillset. While tending to, and being mindful of your physical challenges, I hold space for unexpected feelings that may arise in in the process. This creates a safe container for deep healing.

I find deep satisfaction in working with you to achieve your goals, and can best help you by understanding your feelings, goals, fears and dreams. I’ll be straightforward with you about what I can and cannot do.

My intention always is to be dependable and ethical. As such I value honesty and quality.

We are interconnected; I believe in the unity of humankind and in building bridges between cultures. One of my strengths is helping people understand how we are linked across time, distance, race, ethnicity, religion, economic levels, languages and cultures.

My intention is to support working together, while breaking down barriers of separation. Misusing the environment has consequences for all. This perspective influences my thoughts, actions, decisions and choices.

One of my strengths is instinctively understanding unvoiced questions and anticipating need. I am able sit with people with their full range of emotions. This intuitively helps me tune into what others need, and then provide education and therapies that will help them grow and heal.

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