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Purchase ebooks on comparing prescription and natural methods of birth control, with regard to long-term health, and lifestyle compatibility; Support after an abortion; and an ebook providing at home methods to alleviate the effects of scar tissue and adhesions, after abdominal, or other types of surgeries or injuries.

Birth Control Choices

Birth Control Options &
Long Term Health

Birth control choice is a personal matter. Time constraints, ease of use, and expense all figure into the choices made around using birth control.

This e-book provides you with a way to compare all of these factors to determine which is best for you. It also provides you with information about non-pharmaceutical, and natural options.

I have been supporting women’s reproductive health holistically for over twenty years. Explore which methods suit your lifestyle best.

Support After Abortion

Abortion Sanctuary,
3 Practices to Support Resilience

Having an abortion is just one piece of the journey. Women, after making this choice, are left to process the experience on their own. Not being able to process the experience within a safe space oftentimes leaves women feeling isolated, frozen, depressed, angry and confused. I know that was my experience.

If you are looking for a way to navigate back to an empowered sense of yourself, Abortion Sanctuary provides a gentle, expansive and proven approach. This workbook supports women who have had abortions engage practices that nurture resiliency. Abortion often leaves a woman disoriented, vulnerable and isolated. The practices offered here help you to settle your nervous system.  They are intimately personal, and will help you beneficially shift how you are able to meet the world.

Healing Scar Tissue

Adhesions, Scar Tissue & Asherman’s Syndrome

Surgeries and injuries often leave lasting effects that limit mobility, cause lasting discomfort, and sometimes create life-threatening situations. Most often abdominal surgeries are the reason for life-threatening situations. 

Mobility challenges, discomfort and prevention of extreme abdominal challenges can all be improved with the resources provided in this ebook. You can help yourself at home. This e-book will help you understand how you can support yourself in restoring mobility to contracted areas of your body, including after abdominal surgery.

I’ve been supporting clients heal from the results of surgeries and injuries for over 20 years. Let me share strategies and remedies that will help you.

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