Womens Holistic Health Online Programs in development support for women post abortion,

developing body wisdom, & for healing the digestive and reproductive systems.

Abortion Sanctuary


3 Practices to Support Resilience

If you are looking for a way to navigate back to an empowered sense of yourself, Abortion Sanctuary provides a gentle, expansive and proven approach. Abortion Sanctuary’s 3 Practices e-workbook supports women who have had abortions engage practices that nurture resiliency. Abortion often leaves a woman disoriented, vulnerable and isolated. The practices offered here help you to settle your nervous system. They will show you how to orient in potentially overwhelming situations so that you will be able to focus on the way forward. 


Rooted Woman Program

reproductive and digestive challenges at home.

These modules include summaries of conventional approaches to diagnosis and treatment, discussion of side effects, holistic approaches that provide resolution, recipes, handouts and videos for more in-depth explanations of processes.

Digestive Challenges
Fertility Challenges
Heavy Bleeding
Irregular Menstruation
Lack of Menstruation
Painful Periods
and more…


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Intro to Body Wisdom


Do you want to be able to listen to the wisdom of your body, without struggling to understand what she is trying to tell you, and then be able to act on that wisdom, so that you can transform situations with relative confidence?

Are you not sure what might come up when you engage in a course called Body Wisdom?

Would a safe place to talk about your body help you achieve better mental and physical health?

Do you want to learn about different healing modalities and other skills that can help settle anxiety, restlessness, while engaging the body, mind and spirit for healing?


Download: Strategies to Calm Your Nervous System


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Download: Calming Your Nervous System


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Sometimes it's hard to know what to
do when we want to feel better.

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