This is such an amazing, poignant article. Well worth taking the time to read. Sharing perspective such as this, and the work it takes to embody it will truly heal our hearts.

Crying in Restaurants While Slawing Cabbage.

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April 20, 2009

Wild Feminine: Tami Lynn Kent

Entrant: Sarah E. Wylie, ND Midwife
Nominee: Tami Lynn Kent, Women’s Health Physical Therapist

Tami Lynn Kent is a scribe for those of us pioneering back into the frontier we collectively left behind, the Wild Feminine. Tami’s gift is to illuminate, and create a specific language for us to communicate about the female energetic presence within our flesh.

Tami Lynn is a mother to three sons, and women’s health physical therapist. Her hunt for the Wild Feminine, our divine femininity has brought us riches! She has sat with us, hours with hundreds of women, who have complaints that would otherwise fall on deaf ears. She is the healer who listens to the vagina, the sentient organ who never lies. Tami has brought relief to hundreds of ladies who couldn’t enjoy sexual intercourse, or suffer with vague or specific feelings of pain and unrest, or struggle with post-partum hurts.

This year Tami has presented us with a book, “Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit, & Joy in the Root of the Female Body,” that clearly connects us to what she has discovered in her uniquely defined profession. This book brings together all that she has learned about the pelvic bowl, the wellspring of creative and healing spiritual energy, the place where spirit becomes matter.

This book covers the physical as well as the spiritual-energetic systems of the female body. It is written from a truly a unique perspective and will weave together the lessons we have learned from our great teachers, Dr. Northrup, Dr. Arvigo, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Caroline Myss and Ina May Gaskin — to name just a few. This book is also written in a way that all students of natural medicine and women’s health, regardless of experience or training can comprehend.

Tami’s pioneering work is also reflected in her way of being. She is the least conflicted self-employed mother that I know. From her grounded pelvic bowl, she seems to know exactly how and where to set limits upon her work in the world outside her family. As a working mother, I reference her and then remember to connect to my pelvic bowl whenever I feel conflicted about the demands from my professional relations. Mothering our children and our masterpieces comes from this core space in the pelvic bowl. Tami, by way of her awareness, intelligent perspective and artful writing, is offering us the opportunity to dig in to our birthright, the divine feminine who lives within each of us.

Tami Lynn Kent is a true hero for the female body and the feminine within all bodies. Let us make her book Wild Feminine a classic now, so that together we can heal the earth and her peoples, from this place of centered femininity.


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