Staying Centered in Chaotic Times

Have you been wishing for a way to stay centered and grounded in your personal and
professional lives during these turbulent times?

How do you keep clear minded when your nervous system is having strong reactions…whether to someone’s random comment, or the latest evidence of national chaos?

Five years ago I began training in methods that help deepen connection while healing reactivity. All during the intense experiential training and since, I have been putting these methods into practice with private clients and within small groups. I began creating a course to share these methods two years ago. 

Staying Centered in Chaotic Times is designed to offer support for people to gain clarity around the factors that have affected their lives thus far. It offers nurturing self-care tools; mentors the process of recovering deep inner truths, and builds a foundation for safe community and authentic, empowered being.

The skills developed in this course are helpful for:

  • People who have some experience in engaging in personal growth consciously, and
  • those who have ancestral trauma, and/or have experienced developmental, medical, interpersonal trauma.
  • People in the helping professions/birthing communities who may have experienced secondary trauma.

The following list summarizes the tools we will be using as we move through this process. It is useful to have an understanding of why each is important before we begin:

    • Resourcing: Identify what you feel fed by, in a deep way, so that you will build resiliency for any challenge you face.
    • The Form: Follow a proven structure that build safety and trust.
    • The Principles: Learn skills to help you navigate interactions with others, so that you feel safe, seen and are able to build trust.
    • Sequencing: Learn to orient to where you are in a process, so that you can diffuse feelings of overwhelm and confusion.
    • Inner Work: Learn to use your dreams and journaling, to find your deep inner truth to help you orient to the path forward.

About the Structure of the Workshops 

TWO DIFFERENT  Process Workshops in Bethesda

What about any Medical and Psychological Challenges I may have?

Process workshops are wonderful and also a very powerful modality for healing. It may not be right for everyone! If you are currently in a counseling or psychotherapy treatment, please consult with your therapist before registering for our groups. 

For your own safety, I want to know as much about you as possible before I accept you in one of my workshops. You will be asked about any health conditions or emotional challenges or physical limitations you may have currently, or in the past.

I also want to know about any prescription medications you are taking and any counseling or psychotherapy you are currently involved in.  I am looking forward to seeing you in our Circle of Support.

About the Structure of the Workshops 

TWO DIFFERENT  Process Workshops in Bethesda

The structure of our
time together will include:

  • creating a safe container
  • teaching 
  • practice of exercises
  • personal sharing
  • experiential process work

Weekly group meetings are: Monday from 6:30 until 8:30pm. Ten 2 hour sessions.

Monthly group meetings meet one Saturday per month from 10am until 2pm.

Each group limited to 5 participants. 

How to Begin   

  • Fill out the Staying Centered Workshop Long Form and send to me.
  • We’ll schedule a time to talk to see if this is a good fit.
  • Commitment to have at least one session per month of individual therapy (with any therapist of your choice).
  • The workshops are designed for long-term emotional healing and personal growth. I therefore request a firm commitment to attend all sessions. The commitment is necessary to allow the emotional bonding and inter-personal learning that can unfold in a process like this.

Registration & Information: 

Please, contact us IN PERSON if you have additional questions, are interested in joining and ask for a FREE entrance interview.

Please send us an e-mail!

It helps us if enter in your e-mail Headline the group you have interest in and your name:

  • “ONGOING Saturday Intensive 2018 – (+ your name)”
  • “ONGOING Monday Group 2018 – (+ your name)”

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