Persephone's Pelvis

Crying in Restaurants While Slawing Cabbage

Published by angela on September 23, 2013
This is such an amazing, poignant article. Well worth taking the time to read. Sharing perspective such as this, and the work it takes to embody it will truly heal our hearts. Crying in Restaurants While Slawing Cabbage. Thank you Mark!
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Prenatal Massage, Perinatal Care and the Future

Published by angela on September 5, 2013
When I was asked to write about prenatal massage, I could only think of all the things I am learning about how pre and perinatal birth experiences may imprint us for life, and have the potential to affect generations!. Common prenatal massage benefits are the mother-to-be's physical and emotional well-being. Sometimes it is mentioned that […]
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Prolapse Prevention & Rehabilitation

Published by angela on July 27, 2013
Prolapses of the uterus, and attending other lower abdominal organs, i.e. the bladder and rectum sometimes occurs after childbirth with some women. For other women, most of whom have had children, these challenges often appear in our 50's or later. And for women who have never had children, as well as for those who have, […]
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Attachment & Perinatal Resiliency

Published by angela on May 3, 2013
My healing arts practice has supported women and men of all stripes quite intensively for more than twelve years, through Maya Abdominal Therapy sessions. My work always challenges me to grow personally and professionally.  And sometimes my own challenges lead me to study certain disciplines, as is the case with pursuing Biodynmic Craniosacral Training. After a head injury […]
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The Roots of Violence

Published by angela on May 2, 2013
This article is republished with permission from the author. As a nation we are horrified by an epidemic of mass shootings at the hands of young killers, and an escalation of bullying in our schools.  Though many constructive solutions have been offered, something is being left out of our national dialogue.  This something is what […]
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Spring Green

Published by angela on April 26, 2013
Solomon's Seal and I upon boulders betwixt bubbling streams absorbing rays through Spring green. Luscious scent of Russian Olive everywhere.
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Spiritual Maturity: How to Know When Your Brain's Kickin' It New Skool

Published by angela on April 21, 2013
Spiritual Maturity: How to Know When Your Brain's Kickin' It New Skool.
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Surprising Elements of the Heroine's Journey

Published by angela on April 12, 2013
An entry from a blog I'm subscribed to:Surprising Elements of the Heroine's Journey. Finding brain/nervous system research relevant to the evolution of my healing arts practice and personal journey.
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Flu Prevention & Remedies

Published by angela on January 15, 2013
Protect yourself this winter with herbs, supplements and Wise Woman Ways We are in the season of going within, doing less and being more. Unfortunately, most of us have obligations that do not allow us to rest as Mother Nature intended for us during this dark time of the year. Still, I encourage you, if […]
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2013 ~ Support Women's Values

Published by angela on January 12, 2013
Your local actions create the future; Locally, though receiving little press, Maryland midwives are fighting for their right to exist. Over the last few years there has been a nation-wide effort by the American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology (ACOG) to take away the rights of CPM’s to attend births resulting in more than a […]
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